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"Looking at beauty in the world, is the first step of purifying the mind."-Amit Ray

Conscious Books

. Conversations with God- Neale Donald Walsch

. The handbook to higher consciousness- Ken keyes ( You can download all chapters for free online)

. Conscious Collective- An aim for conscious awareness

. Life on earth- Mike Dooley

. The Secret Life of Plants- Peter Tompkins

. The oldest soul trilogy- Tiffany Fitzhenry

. The Gift of Anger- Arun Gandhi 

. The Art of Happiness- HH Dalai Lama 

. Radical Self Love- Gala Darling

. The Power of Now- Eckhart Tolle


There are hundreds and hundreds of different meditation techniques, techniques for the more intellectual thinker and techniques better suited to the more intuitive feeling type of person, there’s a technique for everyone. Meditation is an ancient practice that teaches you how to silence the mind in order to enable you begin to understand that you are not just your body and that you are not just your mind, but that there is a beautiful silent universe that exists within you that is hidden and clouded by so many thoughts, fears, worries and so on, therefore you are consumed by your identity and sense of self. You don’t have to be a spiritual person or have spiritual values, it is a fact that meditation has both a positive and beneficial impact on your human brain. You don’t have to be a guru to sit down and meditate for at least 10 minutes a day, you just have to be willing to let go of your mind and thoughts for those moments of silence and connection to the world inside of you.

It is a practice that teaches you to let go of your thoughts, to become aware that your thoughts are not you, that they are only fleeting and that they come and go, that they are not you and do not define you. It is a process with continuous progression if committed to for days, weeks, months and years; you will not simply just transform overnight. It is so important to sit with yourself at least once a day, just closing your eyes, relaxing your body and your mind. To then just observe the thought that floats in to your mind, simply observe but do not feed it any more thought, do not allow it to grow and expand in your mind taking over all of your attention, simply observe and then let go of it before it consumes your mind. Just stop thinking about it, discard it and bring your attention back to the empty quiet space that you can see and feel in your mind. The more you practice this the longer the intervals will be between each thought that flies in to your mind, as you will be beginning to let go of a thought when it comes up you will not be feeding any of your energy in to it so it will dissipate, and this will happen more and more every time.

Be patient with yourself in the beginning knowing and accepting it is a process and your mind will try to convince you that “ nothings happening to me” or “I don’t feel any different” “it’s not working”, let your mind do what it does but just trust that these thoughts are not you and they are just fleeting like all of the rest of them, all that exists without thought is your physical body and the silent universe inside of you. Over time and through practice the less thoughts will “fill” your mind, as you will begin to no longer hold on to them and you will begin to understand that they are not you and they do not define you. Like I said before you may not notice anything in the beginning, it depends on the amount of time you practice the art of silencing your mind and it may take a little while to find a technique that works for you, but this is a really good way to start. To just make a bit of time each day to sit down and first reflect let your mind run wild doing what it does, but just don’t react simply just watch and let go over and over again. Over time you will see the and feel the effects in yourself and in your reality and you will begin to understand that your eternal reality is a complete reflection of your inner universe, that your inner thoughts, feelings and beliefs are what shape your whole universe externally.

I have asked many people what they think about meditation and the majority of them have said “no it’s not for me” or “no i don’t practice it, i’ve tried and it doesn't work”, But it is of the utmost importance to make this time for yourself to begin to let go of all of the thoughts that consume your mind, meditation will teach you the truth about yourself and the world around you. It will bring you awareness of yourself and how to create and manifest from a free mind devoid of thought, unattached to the mind. It teaches you how to let go of the physical and to open  yourself up to what is beyond the mind and beyond the body. I am happy to share with you all the different meditation techniques, books tools that I have tried over the years and tools that I am yet to try and places I wish to go. There are so many different types you can try to help you find what works for you, there are many books,guided meditations, online courses, retreats, groups you can join. I will provide you with the tools, but it is your responsibility to use them. Only you can change your reality, shaping it in to the positive reality full of compassion, unconditional love and free of thoughts, of expectations, of worries, that I know you truly desire. I cannot tell you your reality, who you are or what your truth is, I can only relay to you my truth, whilst sharing with you the things that have helped me along the way to gain more of understanding of my mind, myself and the world around me.  

Meditation Resources


. Osho- The Book of secrets- 112 meditations.

Online sources

. Kundalini yoga meditation - Online courses ( There are hundreds of different free courses)

. Youtube- Guided meditations, relaxation music


. Vipassana meditation courses - There are hundreds of centers all over the world that are free, that only require donation. Ranging from a day to 10 days of complete silence and mediation.