Welcome to my flowing vortex of unlimited possibility, where the only truth I know is my own.

This page consists of my collaborations with photographers. A make up of their images accompained by a peice of my mind.

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Lets get creative.

~ Photo by Michael roberts

Insta- michael.roberts.photographer

I see through the mirror of my reflection,

As I gaze in to the unknown depths of myself, 

I find myself to get more and more lost,

More and more consumed by the endless potential,

That I may or may not exist.

The endless whirlpool of possibility presents itself to me,

In the form of so many mirrors,

So many reflections.

So many versions of self,

All the sides of potential.

All the different faces I could choose to wear.

To wear to disguise the empty void that cannot be explained,

That cannot be seen.

Which face shall it be? for how can I trust this mirror? 

This reflection upon a broken, tainted cracked surface.

How can I trust what is shown to me?

The cracks in this mirror show me the broken parts of myself.

The messy parts, the unhinged parts, the parts that others may not see.

So when I look upon this glass, I am unsure of what I do see.

I see all, I see the physical representation of me.

But tell me, is this really me?

~ Photo by Michael Roberts

Insta- Michael.roberts.photographer

My mind ducks and dives amongst the beauty that surrounds me.

The array of vibrant colour consumes me, enticeing me further in, hipnotizing me for all my sin.

For a single moment everything becomes still and I melt in to all that stands before me.

In this moment everything feels pure, as I gaze in to the horizon all my pain and all my fear dissapears, dissapting in to the atmosphere.. in this very moment all has become clear.

My body feels pumped full of energy, of vibration of goodness. Isn't it funny how easily we forget our connection to our mother planet?

The magic is all around, existing among the small spaces, the empty spaces. Hidden in-between the little pockets of reality. Hidden amongst the minute spaces among logic.

Nature is the protector of all magic, of all power and of all truth.

Go home to nature, loose your mind to the beauty, trusting that you will always find your way back to yourself.

Trusting that nature has all the answers to the questions that you seek.

"Look deep in to nature, and then you will understand everything better" ~ Albert Einstein.

~ Photo by Michael Roberts

Insta- michael.roberts.photograper

The road may not be clear, the path may to be foggy. Every turn you take something may show up to test you. To question you. Or to make you question yourself.

For nothing is ever simple right?  

The path may seem rocky, it may seem terrifying and excruciating to try to comprehend. All the struggle, all the pain, all of the self ridicule. 

Despite the rocky road, the uncut path, the rawness of the journey, there's beauty right? 

Despite the uncertainty of where you thought you were going and where you think you should be, being right here right now isn't that bad is it?

Being present in the here and now, right now. You are privileged, you are beautiful and you are blessed with so many opportunities for growth, for change and for love. 

Can you see it? Can you see the beauty, the love? Can you see how lucky you really are? To be blessed with this life, with this planet we call home.

Step back, reflect, appreciate.

Look at the beauty that surrounds you, look how far you have truly come. Look how many challenges you have faced, how quickly you move on. 

For this rocky road is only set out to encourage you to grow.

To encourage you to become, the ultimate empowered you. 

See this as a blessing, the resistance will soon fall away. Leaving a forever growing and florishing you; an unbound self, a self with endless potential to become. 

Photo by; https://www.instagram.com/michael.roberts.photographer/